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Who wants a Beautiful Home on a Tropical Island?
Everyone does and Vanua Disaen can help make this dream come true for you and your loved ones.

Vanua Disaen

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Vanua Disaen is based in Port Vila, Vanuatu. We offer a range of services to our clients that is unique and highly sought after. Our professionals have decades of experience in project management, architectural design, the building industry and generally doing business in Vanuatu. Our experience allows us to provide support in ways that prove to be exceptionally valuable to our clientele.

How to build in Vanuatu?
Vanua Disaen employs various types of architectural styles, building materials and building methods in our projects. Particular methods of building have strengths and weaknesses in comparison with others and while we employ several we are the only company to also employ the Triwood Building System in Vanuatu. A discussion of methods is presented in a document entitled Vanuatu Building Methods and can be viewed by clicking on the link. More downloadable documents are available at Downloads. Information regarding our capabilities is available at About Us. Please review our site and the information we provide and Contact Us to let us know how we can help you.

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